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This document was discovered in the FPC archives early in 2013. The 90th Anniversary article featured in the April, 2013 issue of the Presby Press entitled, “Satan Always Sends a Delegate” relied on this document as a source. Mrs. Poyntz’ document is a 12-page, very meticulous and neatly typewritten record of the earliest events having to do with the founding of First Presbyterian Church of Fort Thomas. The narrative is week-to-week (and daily in a few places) from April 16, 1923 (the very first meeting in Fort Thomas of the Presbyterians interested in founding a new church) to October 5, 1924. It also contains subsequent entries with highlights of church history up until 1943.
About the author…
Mrs. Kate L. Poyntz, along with her husband Benjamin, were founding members of our church. They were part of the original group of interested Presbyterians in Fort Thomas, and charter members of the new church, as well. From reading the record which she has left us, it is safe to say that Mrs. Poyntz must have been a very formidable woman. She records everything very correctly, but it is easy to tell just what she thought of the people involved.
Unfortunately, Mrs. Poyntz did not quite live to see the Silver Anniversary of FPC, which was celebrated in 1948; she passed away the year before that. Still, she was a very active force for our church in those early days, and we owe much to the vision demonstrated by her and the other people who began the movement for a Presbyterian Church in Fort Thomas.
Today, the chimes for our church’s organ are dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Poyntz. The brass memorial plaque is on the door to the choir loft. (Thanks to Don Kropp and Janet Harrah for the reminder!)

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